welcome advice on selling your property quicklyDo you need a quick house sale?

Johnson ellis -

a family business who can help you sell your property  quickly.  You need to sell quick. Contact us to sell home quickly –  a house for cash quickly and easily.

We are house buyers who want to help and you may need to sell quick for cash.

we can help.

Whether you need to exchange your house for cash, avoid repossessions, or it may be critical to sell property fast for a host of reasons;maybe you need  a sympathetic ear, someone who will listen to your problems. We can help you achieve a quick sale to ready  house buyers.

are you in negative equity ?

If it is not your  need to sell property immediately- especially if you are in negative equity ,  but you would like to move house, then talk to us , we can help you find the best solution for you. A no obligation discussion costs nothing, and we will  help you solve your problem.

a growing family ?

Perhaps your house is no longer big enough for that growing ( or returning ) family. Perhaps it is not in the right area, or maybe  moving home is needed for your work. You need to sell property quickly and estate agents are taking too long. To sell a property fast is what you need.

Moving home may be essentail for you, but how do you move ?-  when many areas of the country  are in negative equity, or at the very least, the profit available in your home is too small to cover selling and moving costs. How do you sell home  quickly when the market is such a challenge. For you the answer is not estate agents, fast purchase of property is needed to allow you to move on with your life.

How can we help? Please read on…….

Mortgage problems are all too common, resulting in people staying in a house which no longer feels like a home. Negative equity in today’s market is holding many back from realising their dream home. Repossessions are a fact of  life today, in times of work shortage. Whatever your difficulty we can assist.   You need to ‘sell  house quick  now!’ – “I need a quick sale ”, you cry. We are here to listen.

You may need to sell property  for all kinds of reasons. And we can give cash for houses, whatever the condition.

As a family business, we give personal service.

We are uniquely placed to help find a solution to your property problem. Our years of experience mean we can discuss a host of options with you, always looking at your unique situation.

So if your stress involves, negative equity, fear of repossessions, too many houses on sale stopping your quick sale …..

House sales are our business, house sales are our passion, house sales are our expertise,  we can help you sell a house fast.

This may involve :-

  • Buying your house for cash – whatever the condition, sell house quick
  • Advising on how to make your house more saleable, result – a quick sale
  • helping you to sell  home quickly
  • Helping you  in moving  home without the ‘millstone’ of a second mortgage
  • lease option to allow you to move without the stress of ‘house sales’( especially useful for negative equity)

Plus many others………………..

We are house buyers with years of experience. We can help you sell property fast. House sales are straightforward with the right house buyers!

Why not contact Pete: 07765003216  or Muriel:07720046685  today for a confidential chat.

No estate agents fees, or hidden charges, we will listen …………- a free consultation !

Look forward to hearing from you .