We are a family firm who specialise in fast purchase of  property. we are not estate agents and can help you sell property quickly . We specialise in quick house sales ,helping you and your family in moving home. 

Whether you are looking to sell a property quickly or you  just need some advice,  we have the people that can listen to your requirements and explore the right solutions for you and your family.

We cover the whole of the UK, and can offer cash for property for any property in any condition. Our friendly and helpful team are here to listen and understand your problem.

Cash for houses? Fast purchase of property, whatever your need we are here to help.

How does it work ?

  • You contact us by telephone or e mail
  • We will contact you via phone to discuss your situation and the ways in which we might help. This will include free advice if you are facing difficult challenges.
  • If a quick house sale is what you are looking for, you need to sell house now, rest assured that any offer made is without any cost or obligation to you . There is no charge to you for surveys or handling fees.
  • If you decide you want  to sell  property quickly  to us we will deal with all the relevant paperwork and the sale usually takes about 4 to 6 weeks to complete.
  • If a sale is not what you immediately need, but you need to move home  we are here to listen and to understand your requirements.

Getting the best offer can be a minefield. So come to the company that gives personal service with your needs in mind. If we don’t have a solution for you , if we can’t buy your house for cash , we will say so and not waste your time ………….But there may be other options, when you are moving home it is important that you are told about all possibilities. We always bear in mind , how can we help you , to achieve your propery dream.

Fast purchase of property may not work for  you , and we are not estate agents  but we CAN help you look at all your options.

 It’s quick, easy  and simple . . .