Perhaps it is not your  immediate need to sell a house quick.

There are times when selling a house for cash is not a preferred option. This is especially true when a property has little or no equity in it. The property may need improvements, with a market value below the outstanding mortgage amount.

With falling house prices , market forces may simply have put you into negative equity.

But you need to move home, moving home is still  a priority.

A quick  sale , and your house for cash  may leave you broke, you cannot afford to sell property fast, if the price is  far below what you paid for it. You could end up paying off a balance of a mortage on a property which you no longer have. In the very worst case you could end up repossessed as a change in circumstances make repayments unaffordable.

Lease  purchase could be your solution. You need to stop paying the mortgage and allow  moving home. In this situation Lease option is a very effective way of moving home and without the houses on sale at estate agents,  helping sellers get on with their lives within days or weeks .

This is how it works:-

As the seller, you would grant us , the potential buyer , a lease option to buy your property at close to the property’s full market value based on today’s market in the future, known as lease option to purchase.  The  lease option to purchase allows your moving home and getting on with your life. We take care of your existing mortgage, releasing you from the burden of supporting two sets of mortgage payments. In return you grant us the ‘right to buy’ your property at a pre agreed time. Its all legal , drawn up by a solicitor and we cover costs.

The option period could be anywhere between 5 and 15 years. In the meantime we would take over your mortgage payments and become responsible for your property’s maintenance and upkeep. There is a legal agreement drawn up by a solicitor and hey presto!  you are moving home, or simply out of the property with no further financial burden.

Cash for houses but with a solution to suit your need.

When we exercise our lease option  you may make a profit that would otherwise be impossible if you had sold today.

To find out more detailed information on lease option /lease purchase  and whether this would work for you, contact us.

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