More than 1 million people have been forced to use their credit cards to pay their mortgage or rent in the last year”, Money Mail – Jan 2010.Help with selling your house so you can move on

During the recession many people are finding moving home to find jobs absolutely essential in todays job market,  and when mortgage lending is at an all time low they are finding it hard to sell and move on.

Families can be separated and the main wage earner, miles from home, is faced with covering two sets of cash for houses.

Desperate for a house sale and to facilitate moving home to  the new place of work, market forces make for a very slow process. Meanwhile costs are escalating and emotions are stretched by forced separations.

As if that were not bad enough, moving home is one of our most stressful life experiences.

Maybe your problem is different . . .

If relationship problems are necessitating separation, that can bring difficulties too.

What was once your biggest asset, can now be your biggest liability. If you cannot achieve a quick   sale , neither of you can truly move on. Fast purchase of property is threatening your emotional stability as well as your bank balance. You are desperate for house sales.

At what is an emotionally difficult period, you may be faced with the financial pressure of additional accommodation costs until your joint property is sold.

House sales through estate agents take anything from 3 to 6 months; we can achieve it in 4 to 6 weeks.

A solution to sell home quickly can  relieve your emotional and financial burden. We are not estate agents , we can offer many more options. Options which will allow you to sell a house fast and give you  the space to move on with your life.

Whatever your reasons if moving home is a priority, and sell house fast is urgent,  why not contact us for a sympathetic ear, someone who can help you find your right solution. From cash for houses to enable you to sell home  quickly, to lease options,  if you are interested in a better long term return. Why not discuss what will work best for you to enable  moving home.

Sell your home quickly when circumstances make it critical that you can exchange a house for cash. As housebuyers with many years experience we can tailor a solution to meet your specific needs,

why not contact us to explore possibilities ?